Are the minds of American children up for grabs?

Every thoughtful national leader understands the importance of education. Every thoughtful government invests into it. Yet, there’s one thing that makes socialist and communists governments truly distinct when it comes to raising children. While democratic nations teach their kids to think, dictatorships teach their kids to believe. To believe blindly, with no doubt, with no room left for questions. Whether in Soviet Russia, Communist China, Nazi Germany or in modern day North Korea, children have been always taught to follow the party line. Moreover, they’ve been taught to follow the party leader.

There are striking and alarming similarities between their approach and those used by Sen. Obama and his supporters. The screenshot in the poster above is taken from a video that’s been circulating on internet recently. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you do. In this video (claimed to be a result of a grassroots community effort and later turned out to be a work of professionals) children aged 5 – 12 sing a song praising Sen. Obama, describing how “he’s gonna change it and rearrange it” and promising to “spread happiness”. This is a preview of the methods that would be used to shape minds of American kids, should Sen. Obama get elected.

To get another preview take a look at this video. There, you wouldn’t see cute little kids singing about hope. Instead you’d see where this education leads—a group of young men in semi-military uniforms, with a familiar round logo, chanting Nazi Youth-style “Obama! Obama!”. It’s not too late yet to prevent this madness from taking over our country. But time is running out. The worst crimes in the modern history were done by when smart power-hungry men seized the education of the youth and raised a brainwashed generation, ready to follow their beloved leader to spread happiness and change the world.


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  1. Thanks for popping over to HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION to leave your most welcomed remarks. I thought so much of what you said, that I made your comments into its own post and linked you up!

  2. Thank you, Melyssa. I’m glad that my words have resonated with you. Just two weeks ago political blogging was the last thing on my mind, but with the craziness that seems to be taking over the country and all the lies that media has been spreading I figured I have to do something. Even if all the graphics and posts I produce will change a single vote, I’d still know it wasn’t a wasted effort.

  3. “Whether in Soviet Russia, Communist China, Nazi Germany or in modern day North Korea, children have been always taught to follow the party line. Moreover, they’ve been taught to follow the party leader.”

    You missed the middle east, and all Muslim schools.

  4. Thanks for the visit. I used your image and linked back to you. I love it! The quote from Stalin is right on.

  5. Lynn – thank you. Watch for another poster in the same series, this time with Lenin’s quote.

    Poker – the list was not supposed to be all-inclusive, but I intentionally did not include religious organizitions since all religions teach to believe and I explictitly wanted to emphasize the danger of elevating a presidential candidate to a cult figure. Nazis did fine without religion, so did Stalin. That said, I think I share your views about fundumetalist islam. Trust me I will bring up your example in others post, such as ones that talk about Sen. Obama’s connections and his radical supporters’ intolerance of other points of view.

  6. […] Sen. Obama’s association with people like Bill Ayers poses to the U.S. education and drew parallels between children singing praise to Sen. Obama and kids who grew up in police states, the reaction […]

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