Made You Think?

If you’ve been considering voting for Sen. Obama, but some material on this site has made you doubt your choice or even changed your mind, please leave a note on this page. It’s completely up to you whether to provide any information about yourself. The key thing is to highlight the most impactful materials and links for others in your situation. If now you are just concerned as I am and want to know how you can help, please read information on this page or contact me at dr_slogan [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Thank you for stopping by.

– Jeff Tyler (Dr. Slogan)


5 responses

  1. I never drank the Koolaid. Thank you for bringing this information to light, in a very well written manner.

  2. Your website is a Godsend. Thank you, thank you, thank you — for saying everything I’ve been thinking, but putting it into MUCH better words. And even more so, for putting it out there for everyone to see. Truth has a way to shining through, you know? There is always hope, and we needn’t abandon it…46 percent now, and I predict our numbers will be growing day by day in the coming 4 years.

    P.S. I never even considered drinking the Koolaid. I’m no sheep; I can think for myself.

  3. I hope you will continue posting… I found you late in the “game” but really enjoy your posts. I’m a Independant conservative stuck in a college of liberals and going insane.
    I really enjoy what you’ve written and you are helping to keep me sane.
    Please do keep posting.
    joy in michigan

  4. Thank you all. Your words mean a lot to me and their timing is essential. With election being over I’ve been thinking whether I should continue posting my thoughts here. I started this blog just a few weeks prior to the election in a rather naïve attempt to affect its results. I thought there was a gap to fill, but I didn’t expect that my thoughts would resonate with so many people. Now as I think about what’s next I have to consider time investment required to maintain the frequency and quality of posts. Your words make this decision easier (or harder, depending how to look at it). If I am to continue this effort, I’d like it to become more than a blog and image repository. I think it has a potential to grow into a community effort where people share our views can connect and be in touch regardless of where they live. I’ll be posting about this soon – as soon as I make a decision whether I can really commit to this.
    Again, thank you for your words. It’s great to know that I’ve made some difference – if not in the life of the country than at least in the lives of some people who share my views.

  5. Jeff/”Dr. Slogan”,
    Please continue, if anything, on a manageable but consistent basis. If the times called for you to step up as you did -in spite of the restraints on your time before the election- don’t they also call for you to continue? There are many who don’t see it, who won’t see it, until it’s too late.

    Thank you for the posts you did write. I wish I had found them sooner. Man, it’s sad that I already have regrets about acting in this election.

    You must decide if NOT having posted will be one of those for you. It would be for me.

    Thanks again,

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