It’s over. Or is it?


The election is over. Senator Obama has turned into President Obama. The country has voted, the world has gasped, and the Republican Party has been dealt a major blow in years. It’s over. Is there anything left? Yes. You. And the millions of Americans who yesterday didn’t give their votes to Obama.

Think about it: years of unpopular Republican presidency, George Bush’s approval ratings hitting all times low, years of war, the global financial crisis, huge troubles with economy, and . . . McCain gets 46% of popular vote against Obama’s 52%. And this is despite Obama’s most expensive campaign in history, despite his unprecedented spending on TV time, despite open pro-Obama bias of every major media outlet, despite McCain’s age, despite Obama’s charm, despite celebrities swooning about him, despite polls predicting 10 point lead, despite all of this — Obama still gets only 52%? If there’s a reason to hope that America hasn’t lost its spirit, it’s the one.

Yesterday, in his acceptance speech Obama promised to be a president for all America. It will be our job to hold him accountable for delivering on that promise. It will be our job to make sure different views are well represented in Congress and in state governments across the country. It will be our job to concentrate on things that matter, to demand accountability from the government and media, to be thoughtful about electing our leaders – first of all the leaders who claim to represent us. The times of hoping that someone somewhere will elect the right people to represent your views and beliefs are over. In democracy only those who are truly involved make the difference.

This election has made history and is history. Our reasons to stand up for what we believe in are not.

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5 responses

  1. here-here!

    caught your comment at moonbattery. i agree wholeheartedly.

  2. p.s. – i’ve linked to you at one of my other shared blogs, curtains-for-you.

  3. And so it begins.

  4. Interesting take.

    The problem is that McCain took those states in the bible belt, middle America area. But many of those old shcool fundamentalist ideals are going extinct.

    For the conservatives to come back they need a platform that appeals to a younger, less religious majority.

  5. You did not mention the LIES, FRAUD and INTIMIDATION. The unending Soros money funneled to him (not even verified donations). Obama and the Democrats made a mockery of our electoral system and still the best he could pull was 6%. The FRAUD alone could account for that much. I still haven’t given up on the American people, many of them but not ALL. I do however blame them AND JOHN McCAIN for allowing it to happen.

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