How this blog is different and what You can do

Short version

This blog along wih graphics repository and a Facebook page is designed to speak to the people whose votes will decide this election: undecided, Hillary democrats, those who didn’t plan to vote, and those who simply believe that by voting for Obama they vote for the traditional Democrats. The images are designed to send the message almost instantly; the posts are intentionally short, point to the facts and link to reliable sources. That effort, however, would not make much of a difference unless its supported by others.

If you’re a blogger: use your influence to spread the message. You can copy any image from the repository to your site, or link to the blog, or link to the Flickr repository on your blog, or simply mention the blog in one of your posts.

If you agree with the warnings on this site, but don’t blog: let others know about it.  Sign up for email delivery and forward to your friends, join the community on Facebook, subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed. Talk about facts you’ve learned, find out more on internet, start the discussion, open more eyes. 

If you agree with the messages on this site there’s one thing you can’t afford: inaction. At the end it may come down to a single vote—a vote that you may change. If all of us do our part we may still prevent the madness from taking over our country.

Long version

By now there’s more than enough evidence that electing Barak Obama the 44th president of the United States would send our country into very dark times. New evidence comes to life every day as more of Sen. Obama ties with radical left get exposed, as more of his campaign’s brainwashing techniques get revealed, and as more of his radical supporters’ fanatism comes to light. Yet, election is just around the corner and with the mainstream media’s unashamed support of Sen. Obama, many people around the country are blindsided.

This election is no longer about choosing between Democrats and Republicans. It’s about choosing between American democratic system as we know is and radical-left Marxist forces, skillfully masquerading themselves as mainstream Democrats. Sen. Obama and powers supporting him have created a propaganda machine of monstrous proportions that utilizes time-proven methods of socialist and nationalist brainwashing. Luring voters around the country with promise of change—which worked flawlessly for all major dictatorship systems—they have managed to create a nation-wide following that goes far beyond support of a presidential candidate. 

In the absence of balanced and neutral mainstream media, many people have started utilizing internet to raise awareness of the threat. As of today there are many excellent blogs and well crafted sites on internet that warning about the danger of electing Sen. Obama. Yet they all face a fundamental problem. They don’t reach out to all the people who need to know the truth. Readers of these blogs (most likely including this one) need no further conviction. They will vote against Obama. But it’s the other people who need to see all this data. People who plan to vote for the Democratic ticket and people who didn’t plan to vote at all. Their votes will decide this election. And it’s more likely than not that that thoughtful Hillary Clinton’s supporter would vote against Barak Obama after learning what he really stands for.

But to start reading more, people need an initial impact. A data-rich text on a blog is not going to that—it’s too long. A video with shocking facts won’t do it—it’s too long. Initial impact is made in 5 sec. If it happens, more reading follows. If it doesn’t happen, the person walks away—probably to vote for Obama, without realizing the consequences. Obama’s side knows this and that’s why you see so many professionally produced posters, slogans and graphics coming from their camp. To fully appreciate the scope of their effort you can just visit a couple of sites. However, when it comes to materials exposing Obama, there’s a large gap. In this space, 5-second attention grabbers almost don’t exist.

The purpose of this blog is to fill this gap by free-to-use repository of high quality graphics intended to make people doubt Sen. Obama’s intention. Every graphic element is accompanied by brief post exposing certain dangerous aspects of Obama’s candidacy, with links to the supporting materials.

How can you help? But posting these graphics on your site and in image libraries, by linking to this blog, by signing up for email delivery and forwarding to your friends, by joining the community on Facebook, by subscribingto the blog’s RSS feed. By spreading the message. At the end it may come down to a single vote—a vote that you may change. If all of us do our part we may still prevent the madness from taking over our country. I’m doing my part. Will do you yours?

– Jeff Tyler (Dr. Slogan)


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