Is America Ready?

This series will likely become the most controversial of all the Dr. Slogan pills. Yet only strong medicine can help in times like ours. Let me get this straight: I’m all for having people judged for the content of their character and not by for the color of their skin. And that’s precisely why people who consider voting for Mr. Obama because of the color of his skin should think twice before casting their votes. For by doing so they’d be turning Martin Luther King’s dream on its head.

People still keep asking with a straight face whether America is ready for its first black president. America has proven that it’s more than ready by skyrocketing a person with little credible experience and proven ties to radicals to the top of the presidential race. Americans gave him enough votes to defeat a seemingly undefeatable Democratic contender. Americans gave him enough support to put him ahead of his GOP rival in every poll. Americans are more than ready. So it’s time to stop talking about skin and start looking at qualifications. I for one, couldn’t care less about the color of Mr. Obama’s skin–just like I don’t care about the color of his eyes. I do care, however, about his character, for its his character–not his skin–will shape the future of my country. And this is the time to ask yourself: are you ready for your President to have Mr. Obama’s character?

Note: Only authentic photo materials are used in “Is America Ready?” series. The original of the photo used in the poster above can be found here.


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  1. redeemedhippiesplace | Reply

    Great article and great points. And I tell ya. No way am I ready to have that socialist or ANY socialist pig for my president! IF he becomes president I will do NOTHING to support him! Talk about racism! This campaign has been full of it! All on the liberals’ side. I would LOVE to vote for a black man. IF that man carried my beliefs. But Barrack Hussein Obama carries nothing that represents me. Zilch, nada, nothing, zero! And I bet if most people took a good look at themselves and him, they would see he has nothing to offer them, either. But truly, there are people that want to believe lies. There is always a “payoff” in believing lies. Truth means nothing to such people!
    Keep up the good work!

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