Kool-Aid ’08: Don’t Drink and Vote

To the people who refuse to drink Kool-Aid ’08: thank you for keeping common sense in the blogosphere! Over the last several months common sense has become almost a rarity. And there’s no greater danger to a functioning democracy.


4 responses

  1. hi there – i posted ur blog in the justsaynodeal.com coalition blogroll!

    thanks….visit often!

  2. Thanks for linking. Come back often and feel free use any poster from this site, whether by linking or simply copying the image. That’s the whole purpose of this blog — to give people simple graphic materials that would help them to make the point.

    – Jeff (Dr. Slogan)

  3. Thanks! Posted and linked.

  4. Jeff,

    This is a great one as well! I am going to suggest to both our blog roll coordinators at McCainVictory08.com and LetsGetThisright.com to add your blog to our rolls.


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