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Dad, What Was That Thing You Said About President Obama?

For over 50 years–since 1932 till the demise of the Soviet Union–all children in USSR were taught the story of Pavlik Morozov. Pavlik was a 13-year old boy who denounced his father to the authorities for hoarding grain. As result, his father was tried and promptly sent off to die in GULAG, while Pavlik was glorified by the official propaganda after being killed a year later (allegedly) by the members of his family. Every Soviet kid knew this story. Every Soviet kid was taught that the state was more important than family. Every Soviet kid was taught that what Pavlik did was heroic. Just in case you’re wondering what exactly hoarding grain is, it means to refuse giving one’s crop to the state. Pavlik’s father’s crime was that he refused to participate in spreading his wealth around. And for a hard-core Socialist regime there aren’t many crimes as bad as this one.

If spread the wealth around catchphrase sounds familiar, it’s because Sen. Obama’s fundamental economic principle is nothing more than a new incarnation of Karl Marx’s “income redistribution” doctrine, which is a cornerstone of socialism. The people who Sen. Obama has called his mentors got this principle straight from the same source that has been inspiring radical left leaders ranging from the founders of Soviet Union to the people who rule modern Venezuela. At that instantly famous conversation with Joe the Plumber Wurzelbacher, Sen. Obama made a stunning blunder–for a minute he took his mask off and openly described his economic views of a hard-core Socialist in very plain words. And as it turned out, Joe the Plumber heard exactly what Sen. Obama said–that he plans to take money from those who have succeeded and distribute to those who haven’t. So did (though in a softer way) the Wall Street Journal. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

So what does this have to do with a boy who sent his father to die in a labor camp for not sharing the results of his work with others? Everything. Taking power–whether by revolution or by election–is only the first step. The next step for every socialist regime it to keep this power. And there’s no better way to keep power for long time than raise a generation of blind followers. People who don’t ask questions. People who believe. And to create a generation like that you’ve got to go straight into the heart of mindset building–education. You have to catch them while they’re young. Which is exactly what the camp that Sen. Obama’s represents has been doing diligently–even before winning the election. For example, 8th grade students in Racine, Wisconsin are now using a textbook that contains a 15 page section on Sen. Obama and has his works tightly integrated into curriculum. This picture is worth many words, but if it isn’t enough feel free to explore the textbook yourself–you’d find 8 references to Barack Obama and 2 references to a less prominent politician known as Abraham Lincoln.

Make no mistake, this isn’t a minor blimp in the otherwise unshakable American education system. To put it into perspective consider the post-terrorism career of Bill Ayers, characterized by Sen. Obama as just “a guy who lives in my neighborhood”, and who in reality has played a key role in launching and promoting Sen. Obama’s political career. After bombing the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon, Mr. Ayers has established himself as a prominent figure in the field of education. He has authored many books on “critical pedagogy” method and has shaped views of many teachers, especially those in elementary schools. Finding exactly what he advocates is nearly impossible from the mass media articles. However, in his own writings, e.g. in a description of a course he teaches Mr. Ayers is quite clear on his present views: “In a truly just society there would be a greater sharing of the burden, a fairer distribution of material and human resources”. His other present-day writings also include “Sing a Battle Song” book, which he hopes–as  he says in the preface–to be “of use to new generations of militant activists and organizers”.

It’s your children he’s talking about. And he’s got very close to fulfilling his dream, thanks to Sen. Obama, who, if elected, would give keys to the education to him and people like him. And then don’t be surprised if one day your kid questions your willingness to re-distribute your savings. Most terrorists never outgrow their guns and bombs. But the smartest ones eventually become legitimized and take control of the most powerful weapon of all–education.

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