Voting for Change

The country is tired. The growing global financial crisis has been hitting hard, banks are suffering, unemployment rate is high, the outlook is gloom. The government seems be almost incapable to change things for the better. Along comes a charismatic young leader. He’s a relative outsider, his is a very talented orator, he has written an autobiography which portrays him as a true leader with a strong set of beliefs, he can talk in front of thousands of people and bring hope back to their hearts. He promises change, he promises social justice, he promises hope. Election day is just around the corner…

The year is 1932, the country is Germany and the name of the charismatic leader is Adolph Hitler.

The point of this analogy is not to equate Sen. Obama to Hitler. The point is that in the times of prolonged difficulties, change is absolutely the best platform to run on. Blame everything on the existing government, promise hope and change, add a bit of social justice to appeal to a broad electorate–and people will give your the office, without bothering to look into your past and taking no time to think about consequences. Whether in Germany circa 1932, Italy circa 1921 or modern Venezuela circa 1998, this platform has worked flawlessly. People voted for change–and gave power to Hitler, Mussolini and Chavez. When they realized that they had been mislead by empty promises it was too late.

The right to vote comes with responsibility. Responsibility to see through slogans. Responsibility to look into the candidates’ past. Responsibility to think. Nations that take this responsibility lightly pay the ultimate price: they lose their right to vote.

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Be Careful What You Vote For

If you’re considering to vote for Sen. Obama, your first reaction to the picture above is probably to dismiss its message as Republican scare tactics. But before you do that, please ask yourself whether your reaction would be the same if instead of Sen. Obama, there was someone else running for the Oval Office. That somebody would be a politician, whose mentor was known as a father of modern left radicalism and proponent of “silent revolution”; a polician who has publicly called for creation of a domestic “security force” as powerful as U.S. military; someone who just as publicly has said that U.S. should be more like communist China; someone who said that as The President he would make every American middle student (i.e. every 11 year old  kid) to perform 50 hours of public service a year. If the candidacy of this person makes the picture above less far-fetched, you may want to reconsider your initial reaction. That politician is, in fact, Sen. Obama himself, though it’s not the Sen. Obama you may know from the news.

Sen. Obama has been an ardent follower of legendary Saul Alinsky, whose book Rules for Radicals (considered one of the best handbooks by the radical left) states the following in its opening chapter: The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away. Saul Alinsky’s son has recently praised Sen. Obama’s shrewd use of socialist methods in his campaign and stated that “Obama learned his lesson well”. It was Sen. Obama who called for creation of powerful domestic security force, it was he who very recently said that America should be more like China, and it was he who recently promised a mandatory service for every kid and every student: “when I’m President, I will set a goal for all American middle and high school students to perform 50 hours of service a year, and for all college students to perform 100 hours of service a year” and it was he who has clearly hinted at reestablishing the draft.

Sen. Obama indeed learned his lesson well. Very well, in fact, for he was able to deceive many voters who would never even consider voting for someone with his views and agenda, had they known the truth. And part of the lesson Sen. Obama’s teachers have taught him is the need for a huge, strong, controlling government that knows better what’s good for the country than its citizens. It’s the same sort of government that other talented students of this doctrine have established successfully in quite a few countries over the last century. Soviet Russia, China, North Korea, Nazi Germany and–very recently-Venezuela. It’s called police state and you simply must have it if you want to push your agenda on your citizens whether they want it or not. This is the true nature of change that Sen. Obama would bring if elected. As for the use of the familiar round logo in the picture above–watch out for the upcoming post on the role symbols play in politics.

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Are the minds of American children up for grabs?

Every thoughtful national leader understands the importance of education. Every thoughtful government invests into it. Yet, there’s one thing that makes socialist and communists governments truly distinct when it comes to raising children. While democratic nations teach their kids to think, dictatorships teach their kids to believe. To believe blindly, with no doubt, with no room left for questions. Whether in Soviet Russia, Communist China, Nazi Germany or in modern day North Korea, children have been always taught to follow the party line. Moreover, they’ve been taught to follow the party leader.

There are striking and alarming similarities between their approach and those used by Sen. Obama and his supporters. The screenshot in the poster above is taken from a video that’s been circulating on internet recently. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you do. In this video (claimed to be a result of a grassroots community effort and later turned out to be a work of professionals) children aged 5 – 12 sing a song praising Sen. Obama, describing how “he’s gonna change it and rearrange it” and promising to “spread happiness”. This is a preview of the methods that would be used to shape minds of American kids, should Sen. Obama get elected.

To get another preview take a look at this video. There, you wouldn’t see cute little kids singing about hope. Instead you’d see where this education leads—a group of young men in semi-military uniforms, with a familiar round logo, chanting Nazi Youth-style “Obama! Obama!”. It’s not too late yet to prevent this madness from taking over our country. But time is running out. The worst crimes in the modern history were done by when smart power-hungry men seized the education of the youth and raised a brainwashed generation, ready to follow their beloved leader to spread happiness and change the world.

Is America Ready?

This series will likely become the most controversial of all the Dr. Slogan pills. Yet only strong medicine can help in times like ours. Let me get this straight: I’m all for having people judged for the content of their character and not by for the color of their skin. And that’s precisely why people who consider voting for Mr. Obama because of the color of his skin should think twice before casting their votes. For by doing so they’d be turning Martin Luther King’s dream on its head.

People still keep asking with a straight face whether America is ready for its first black president. America has proven that it’s more than ready by skyrocketing a person with little credible experience and proven ties to radicals to the top of the presidential race. Americans gave him enough votes to defeat a seemingly undefeatable Democratic contender. Americans gave him enough support to put him ahead of his GOP rival in every poll. Americans are more than ready. So it’s time to stop talking about skin and start looking at qualifications. I for one, couldn’t care less about the color of Mr. Obama’s skin–just like I don’t care about the color of his eyes. I do care, however, about his character, for its his character–not his skin–will shape the future of my country. And this is the time to ask yourself: are you ready for your President to have Mr. Obama’s character?

Note: Only authentic photo materials are used in “Is America Ready?” series. The original of the photo used in the poster above can be found here. Redux: Medicine for the masses

This is probably one of the very few of Dr. Slogan’s prescriptions that does not include his own medicine. Yet, the pill crafted and prescibed by Andy Rutledge is so strong and efficient that not sharing it promptly would be akin to breaking Hippocratic Oath. If you appreciate medicine served up on this site, you will certanly enjoy Mr. Rutledge’s excellent Redux

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