Nov 4: Your Country. Your Call.

On November 4th it all really boils down a very simple thing: the Future of our country. And here is why.
When I started this blog about a month ago I wasn’t thrilled about Sen. Obama’s presidency, but it was hardly a grave concern. I didn’t like his track record, I didn’t like his lack of meaningful experience, I thought he had been flip-flopping too much on key issues, I was annoyed by open bias of mass media. Worst case, I thought, it’d be 4 years of a demagogue with strong left views. We can live through that. Countries swing from right to left and back — it’s a cycle. This is how democracies work. You can easily see this on my blog – just four weeks ago I wanted to keep it light and funny, pointing out things like the fact that the “change” VP pick had been a Senator for 35 years. But as I looked more and more into Sen. Obama’s past and his recent actions, I started to realize that we’ve been dealing with something entirely different — something that America has never seen, at least not on such scale.

It’s been almost like unclogging a sink — you open it, you take something out, then you take out more, and what starts coming out after that makes you wish you never opened that thing in the first place. Forget “change” VPs with decades of Senate history. How about close relationships with people involved in international terror? Or laser sharp focus on indoctrinating children? Or a laundry list of every modern-day tyrant openly expressing support? Or persistent suppression of free speech? Or going for twenty years (and bringing children) into a church that openly promotes hate of white people, just as openly supports Hamas and condemns our country on regular basis? Or campaigning for a radical with Islamic ties who threw a stable country into a bloody mess? Or close ties with people who led an organizaiton that unapologetically bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon and a police station and who were on the FBI Ten Most Wanted List? Or vote fraud of monstrous proportions? Or accepting a flow of donations from unidentified foreign sources? All of above — and more – is on Sen. Obama’s resume. It’s not in some classified files, it’s not locked in some FBI closet, it out in the open. I’m not talking about GOP sponsored books, I’m talking about media — the same media that’s been so curiously and unapologetically supporting him. Sen. Obama’s own actions and sentiments (especially those he made before running for President) speak louder than any Republican paid advertisement. A resume like this would’ve been a road block for someone running for a seat on a city council. Here we’re talking about the most powerful post in the world – and people choose to ignore all of this, lulled by the promise of change.

Facts are stubborn things. You can choose to ignore them, but you can’t make them go away. And all the facts point to the same simple conclusion: if elected, Sen. Obama and the people he represents would completely change the country. They WILL change it. In four year it won’t be the country we know. It will be something quite different. Call that state socialist or communist or obamunist, apply any label you want, but the change that’s coming is the most dangerous change our country has faced in its modern history. And all you need to see it coming is just read what’s out there and think.

I’m just a regular guy with moderate views who has bothered to read enough. I’m by no means a hard core right and I would’ve been ok with another four—or even eight—years of a Democratic president. Again, this is how democracies work. But now I’m informed and I can see what anyone with unbiased mind can see after getting the facts: this election is no longer about choosing between Republicans and Democrats. It’s about choosing between our democratic system as we know it and a totally different state. In that state — which Sen. Obama and people behind him have been working hard to create, free speech will be not so free. In that state, tolerance will not be so tolerant. And in that state many things you’ve been taking for granted will slowly but steadily cease to exist. Many — too many people – don’t realize this. They will vote for Sen. Obama, believing they vote for a bright shiny future. But it’s just a matter of time. In a year or two many of them will say “This is not Barack Obama I thought I knew”. Today it takes a few facts and some knowledge of history to start seeing things the way they really are. In two years it would take way less than that.

Many people also don’t realize another simple thing – electing Sen. Obama would give him unprecedented power, delivering him keys to all three branches of the U.S. Government. In addition to the White House and his party being already in control of both chambers of Congress, he will have an unparalleled influence on shaping the judicial branch, since would need to appoint a large number of Supreme Court judges. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you really have to find out more before you vote, since it’s one of the least highlighted yet of the most fundamental aspects of this election.

Again, electing a Democratic president is not bad. But it has nothing to do with giving ultimate power to a smooth talker with a mile-long list of radical, racist, socialist and terrorist ties and proven record of supporting most radical changes in our society. This is not how democracies work. This is how they fail.

This year, on November 4th it’s not just another presidency that is at stake. It’s the future of our nation.

Read. Think. Vote. It’s our country we’re talking about.

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15 responses

  1. Dr.- As usual, very well stated. I have not lost hope…

    I wore my McCain-Palin t-shirt to Costco today and recieved MANY “thumbs up” signals and many honks and waves! But what gives me hope is the many who whispered “I like your shirt”. My prediction is that there are many of these “whisperers” that have skewed the polls towards B.O. , for fear of being called a racist if they spoke against him, that are going to vote for McCain in reality.

    Thanks again for your efforts!

  2. Very well put Dr. I have found more democrats in my State (nj) voting for McCain then for Obama. NJ is a very, very democratic state and the lack of signs for Obama is apparent. The last 4 elections, you could not go a block and not see a sign for one of the Presidental candidates. Yet this year, hardly any. I have a bet with one of my friends that McCain is going to take NJ. I think the people are starting to wake up and see the light. Sort of like the V8 add. McCain is giving them that smack to the forehead and is making them think. Unfortunatly, the MSM should have been doing this throughout the primaries and this election. Since they have not done that, McCain and Palin have had to start showing the people the truth. I hope it works……….

  3. Great article – it gives me hope to see that people are starting to discover what this cabal is all about. Many of us have seen if for quite some time, and the preponderance of evidence available is truly staggering if you simply choose to look for it.

    Thanks for helping to spread the word! A friendly neighborhood PUMA.

  4. Just found your website thanks to Conservative Grapevine. Excellent post. Your pictures are great, too.

    I wish everyone out there could read what you wrote. Unfortunately I think a lot of voters are beyond any hope. In just a few days we’ll know our fate.

  5. You say “It’s about choosing between our democratic system as we know it…” That’s exactly the point I wish everyone would understand.

  6. Spot on! I try and warn them but they will not listen. Or maybe they are listening and too afraid to stand at my side.

    I hope when they go to the polls and it is them alone with the ballot America will be saved.

  7. You really did sum it all up very nicely. Good job. I still have faith in the good sense American people. Still, my unease with what has been happening prompted me to join the NRA and I don’t even own a gun. Never have and still hope I never will.

    He’s on TV saying, “We are five days away from fundamentally changing the United State.”

    That is what I’m worried about.

  8. Outstanding piece, very well writen and right to the point. Thank you.

  9. […] Dr. Slogan: Nov. 4: Your Country. Your Call: […]

  10. Great article. I’ve added you to my favorites list.
    In the last two Presidential elections I have made the point that although I did not agree with the Democratic candidate, they did not “frighten” me…we would survive…Though I am glad that we have the new Supreme court justices that we have.
    This Obamination scares me terribly. Too much will “change” too quickly and we will all be living in an unrecognizable America before the next election. Why are so many people not interrested in where this man came from and who is behind him?

  11. Enjoy freedom of speech while you can…because if Obama becomes president, I have a distinct feeling that 1st amendment freedom will end… along with the second amendment, too, which Obama has already tried to abolish.
    Obama’s health care plan has already been done in Hawaii and was an economic disaster nearly bankrupting the state within just 7 months:
    The parallels between Obama and the description of the antichrist are uncannily similar: e.g. “fool the people with flowery speeches and rise to power”, and “people of many nations will call him messiah”, and I have seen Obama mock the Bible and say Jesus was wrong.. and according to Revelation, a few yrs after the antichrist takes power Israel will be attacked (by Russia, Iran,) and no other nation will help Israel… coincidentally Obama has strong ties to anti-israel ppl such as Khalid al-Monsour who is a Saudi advisor that funded Obama before Obama went to law school and got Percy Sutton (attorney for the Black Panthers) to help Obama get into Harvard; al-Monsour hates Jews and also preached to Black Muslims “you can dismember white people and its ok, God wants you to.”

  12. There are still undecided voters out there…do everything you can…if you know ANY voters in the battleground states, contact them and make sure they know what is at stake!

  13. Great article.. Like you said in your comment we are thinking alike!

  14. I agree with your analysis. This is a very serious situation when the likes of Al Franken and Bill Maher will be running our country. I’m just sick about it and pray it doesn’t happen. I think Obama is a sleeper and his wisest move has been to corrrectly assess the American public, who by and large, are asleep when it comes to being informed in an election. They actually believe a candidate can keep the ridiculous promises of the campaign, once he’s elected. They forget that no president can keep those kinds of promises in reality.

    Obama is a highly-packaged candidate with the media on his side in a very scary way. We need another month or so to fully understand who this guy is. It reminds me of the movie Being There, where his lack of a record is his greatest strength. A sleeper candidate…

  15. Thanks for an excellent blog and all your careful research. I do not understand how civics and journalism high school teachers in this election currently can live with themselves. So many young people saying casting a vote is of course more important than casting an INFORMED vote. Really? Knowing virtually nothing more than “hope and change” and “Yes, We can!”….are sufficient…?

    So…..this is how nations can die…..

    “A Government Big Enough to Give You Everything You Want, is Strong Enough to Take Everything You Have”. President Gerald Ford


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