Change They Can Believe In

Had Mahmoud Ahmadinejad–the man who has hosted a conference The World Without America and called for destruction of the US–told you to buy stock of a certain company, you likely wouldn’t have touched that stock with a mile long pole. Had Muammar Qaddafi–the man directly responsible for the death of 180 Americans in the second deadliest terrorist  attack against the US–advised you to buy from a certain store, you probably would not have set foot in that store for the rest of your life. Had Hamas–the leading terrorist force elected by the people who happily danced in the streets on Sep 11, 2001–thrown its support behind a candidate for your city’s mayor, you likely would’ve voted against that candidate for that reason alone, and perhaps would’ve called FBI.

And yet when all these people accompanied by other sworn enemies of our country such as Kim Jong-Il and Fidel Castro explicitly advise you to give the ultimate power to Sen. Obama, their endorsement does not become a shrill firefighter siren you’d expect it to be. The endorsements speak for themselves:

  • Hamas (top political adviser Ahmed Yousef ): “We don’t mind–actually we like Mr. Obama. We hope he will win the election. “
  • Kim Jong-Il: “We will see a better relationship between the U.S. and the Korean Peninsula with Obama than with … McCain”
  • Castro: Sen. Obama is “the most progressive candidate to the U.S. presidency”
  • Ahmadinejad: “We do prefer to have relations, whereas one of the candidates in this election would prefer that”
  • Qaddafi: “I’ve seen that in America, a candidate who wants people to vote for him keeps talking about change”.
  • Daniel Ortega: “We are facing a revolutionary phenomenon”

The list goes on. Yet, no one–at least no one in mainstream media–seems to be even asking a reasonable question of why all these America-hating leaders would so unequivocally support an American president candidate. Perhaps they don’t ask it because they don’t want to face the simple truth: unlike many American voters, these American-hating leaders fully understand the nature of change Sen. Obama will bring if elected. If people who’d rather see you and your children dead, endorse this change, a good question to ask yourself is whether this is the kind of change you want.

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4 responses

  1. Scott Ferrarello | Reply

    Get as many new stories to Sean Hannity, A.S.A.P.

    We are going to beat The Obamessiah.

    Never give up…..they poll 25 % more Democrats.

    Trust Only Zogby.

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  3. Scott Ferrarello | Reply

    Ok….scratch Zogby too.

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